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Brilliant analysis of TOI vs Hindu media war

“The debate isn’t just about differences in the way two newspapers interpret the relative priorities of journalistic subjects — an equilibrium that is eventually determined by the marketplace — but about the manner in which the Times has insidiously attempted to move the goalposts of journalism in the last decade. The paper hasn’t only blurred the lines between journalism, advertising and public relations, it has attempted to argue to readers that such a move is in their own interest, and in fact represents the forward-looking journalistic practice of a new age.”

“Times has supplied a new, entrepreneurial spin on the idea of “due disclosure” in journalism, and that this revised conception of integrity has led to the paradox of it being an especially untrustworthy guide to what is happening in India today. One senses that The Times would like to present itself as the Great Gatsby of India’s emerging Gilded Age, in which all traditional values are being churned and a new definition of success based on materialism is emerging — an ideal to which it must itself subscribe if it is at all to understand what is happening around it.

But in truth it may be closer to a journalistic incarnation of Balram Halwai, the clever, cocksure, coolly amoral protagonist of Aravind Adiga’s bestselling novel “The White Tiger.” It is possible, then, to see the recent war of words and images between The Hindu and the Times as a battle not just for market share, but between two different ideals of journalism: one that, for all its problems, discloses facts about the world, and another that explores the opaque idea that message is information and information is message.”

Source: India’s Top Newspapers war for readers Heart and Soul


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Quote of the Day

“Libya, India, Japan, America, any country in the world you just name it, all of us, we’re all pirates”

–Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi at his  first speech to the General Assembly


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Barcamp Delhi 6th Edition 28 Feb-1Mar

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, barcamp is back. Today I attended Barcamp6  held at MDI Gurgoan. This is my 3rd barcamp and I would like to thank organisers for this well done event. 

Reaching MDI was not a problem (as I tought it might would be) as DTC bus droped me just in  front gate of MDI. Arrangement was good except that we had very few chairs in hall 1. 100 something people turned up for the event. As always we had assorted audience including blogger, hackers, techies, geeks, educationist, lawyers, invetors, bankers and wannbe entrepreneur.

I attended  many sessions. First one was on scaling web application by Directi guys. It was very comprehensive and and useful. Second one was on Open source software development by Mir Azim who is a runing a 8 people startup called iKraft Software  from Srinagar. He shared his experience on how to pitch your open source software company to your client. Very useful session. I do attend other sessions but I had to skip part of them to attend other session runing in parallel. I listen to Depeek Shenoy’s views on recessions. He looked very pessimistic about current financial situation.

I got opporttunty to talk with Amit Gupta product manager at a real state classified portal. We talked on possiblities of innovation and delivering  complete real state management services to end users.

But what impressed me most was this gal Rashmi Gupta. She is 3rd year ECE engineering student She came from Patiala to attend this event and to get inputs for her startup flyingminds. Full of enthusiasm, passion and energy she shared her startup ideas with us and we had a very interactive session on how she may  go about executing her idea.  I was companied by Avinash (mind behind Routeguru) who shared his views on same. As I said earlier in my OCC meet post this is a huge change in attitude of indian youth who no longer looking for safe harbours and fat salary and is ready to take calculated risk and  exploring  his/her own ideas. I wish her good look for her venture.

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Businessweek’s page3 list

Before you read further have a look at this LIST.Businessweek claim that  this list represent  50 most powerful Indians. Agreed? Well, I am not.If you look at the comments ,most of Indians share my view that this list is a insult to readers.

 I appreciate editor took a  decision to have a exclusive feature on India celebrating 60th year of independence .But I doubt he selected his best people  to do the job.Authors seems to be in real hurry.Forget about the deepth of  research, there are serious factual erros.

This is one of the most confusing lists I have ever seen.Just imagine Akshay kumar and Ratan Tata on same plateform.Where is Kalam? Where are all the NGOs?Why aren’t there any doctors, scientists, engineers and authors? What about international CEOs such as Indra Nooyi and Mr. Bose? Also, what about journalists and/or media personalities? Religious leaders??

Only auther can explain what they were thinking while doing such a pathetic, moronic compilation.

One thing I learn from this is that International media can be as irresponsible as local media.And yes, Businessweek need better writers.

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Red Herring 100 Asia

To celebrate the most innovative technology companies in the Asia Pacific region at Red Herring conducting Red Herring 100 Asia, August 29-31 in Hong Kong, China. Now in its third successful year, this high-profile event honors 100 cutting edge private technology companies from China, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia and Vietnam. Red Herring 100 Asia brings together an elite roster of entrepreneurial and global venture investment firms to showcase excellence in innovation.Asia’s top 100 startups from 2007 will be spotlighted, and many of their CEOs will share winning strategies in special keynote presentations. This event is a premier opportunity to exchange information and ideas, delve deeper into key topics, and network with peers and viable business partners

So if you think your compnay is working on some cutting edge technology and you want to talk about your technology and compnay I guess its a great plateform.

Apply here:

All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nanotechnology at IIT Mumbai

Good news for techies . IIT mumbai started Nanotechnology group.This center of exellence will
train 25 Phds. so get ready to shrink the world……….

This is a joint project between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to create Centres of Excellence in Nanoelectronics.
These centres will undertake state-of-the-art research in nanoelectronics, train manpower in this emerging area, interact with industry, research laboratories and government departments, and create facilities which will be used by nanoelectronics researchers all over the country.
Though both the centres will have some areas in common, by and large the team at IITB will focus more on the devices and circuits aspects of nanoelectronics and the team at IISc will focus more on the materials aspects of nanoelectronic devices..
Through a separate “Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP)“, these Nanoelectronics centres will be made accessible to external users including other academic institutions, research labs, and industries.

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