Businessweek’s page3 list

Before you read further have a look at this LIST.Businessweek claim that  this list represent  50 most powerful Indians. Agreed? Well, I am not.If you look at the comments ,most of Indians share my view that this list is a insult to readers.

 I appreciate editor took a  decision to have a exclusive feature on India celebrating 60th year of independence .But I doubt he selected his best people  to do the job.Authors seems to be in real hurry.Forget about the deepth of  research, there are serious factual erros.

This is one of the most confusing lists I have ever seen.Just imagine Akshay kumar and Ratan Tata on same plateform.Where is Kalam? Where are all the NGOs?Why aren’t there any doctors, scientists, engineers and authors? What about international CEOs such as Indra Nooyi and Mr. Bose? Also, what about journalists and/or media personalities? Religious leaders??

Only auther can explain what they were thinking while doing such a pathetic, moronic compilation.

One thing I learn from this is that International media can be as irresponsible as local media.And yes, Businessweek need better writers.


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