Embedded Engineer’s Resource

1.Introduction to Endianness

2. How to Use C’s volatile Keyword

3. Mutexes and Semaphores Demystified


5.A new generic IRQ layer (linux +ARM)

6. Interrupt Managment under linux  

7. Building Bare-Metal ARM Systems with GNU series

8. What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory

9. Completely Fair Scheduler 

10. A  Memory-Efficient Doubly Linked List

11. ARM linux boot sequence

12. Implementing semaphore on ARM

13.Byte Swapping using ARMv6


15. Bit Twiddling Hacks

16. Interveiw Questions : Vijay

17. Tech interview questions : Mount Fuji guy

18. The 0x10 Best Questions for Would-be Embedded Programmers

19. Techinterveiw question discussion


21. Puzzles

22. Allocating Memory in the Kernel

23.Shared libraries for Linux

24. Linkers and Loaders online book

25.Understanding Linux Network Internals

26. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures


  1. dharmendra kumar madhukar said

    i am B.tech 2nd year student (mechanical) want to attend workshop in may-july
    so i want help from you .
    thanking you

  2. amarendra kalita said

    sir ,
    i am aB.Tech 3rd year student. my branch in electronics and communication.
    i want to do six months industrial training . can you help me regarding this matter.
    thanking you

  3. ashish minocha said

    i m 3rd yr electronics and communication B.Tech student .I want summer internship in digital signal processing plz help me regarding this

  4. Deepankar pandey said

    what is the procedure of applying?

  5. lakshmitejaswi said

    sir/mam I’m 3rd year electronics and communication B.Tech student. I want summer internship in embedded systems and digital signal processing .So please help me in doing this

  6. kk said

    Apply for adi dsp lab at iit madras

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