Dear Airtel please redirect me. I am waiting since forever.

Dear Airtel customer experience manager,

I am an internet  junkie since Rs 50 an hour for a 128kbps snail fast internet in a dingy cyber cafe days. One of the happiest day of  my life was when private telecom players like Airtel started broadband  services in India. I tried all of them and decided to stick with Airtel. For a hardcore internet junkie I still believe Airtel is the best. I am happy Airtel customer from past two years. Service is reliable and customer support is prompt and efficient. I do not remember regretting my choice and paying the premium for Airtel services  (remember BSNL is always cheaper 🙂 ).

Though I am a satisfied Airtel customer I often  face some really silly issues which make me cringe. Good thing is that most of them are not  I-want-to-change-my-service-provider type but more of why-Airtel-why kind. They are not be related with performance and downtime but are definitely spoiling my overall customer experience.

For example take  internet  usage update service. One trigger this whenever one cross his download limits. Since I am using Youtube as my cable-tv substitute I trigger this more often. This  services is expected to update me on my usage and redirect me to whatever I was doing. The problem is redirection never works! Not even after refreshing the page.

Next is online bill payment service. It never works on my fav browser! In fact whole Airtel website is Crome agnostic. My question is again: why. Why it is so hard for a top telecom player to get a cross browser  payment gateway. Only reason I can think of is a lazy IT department. I assume  like other  infrastructure Airtel  must be outsourcing the whole damn site and developing a website that works across all browser is no rocket science. And even if it is they money to pay for it and its worth every penny.

Last but not the least your triff plans. They suck big time. Selecting a right triff plan from Airtel site is harder then solving a sudoku. If I ask my father to do it I am sure I will never have a broadband connection. Again a why. Why selecting of plan have to be so hard. Why can’t we just give every customer  connection for some trial period and  suggestion a planing  after gauging his usage?

The things I mentioned above may not make or break deal for me for now but they will when other providers will improve in their services. But they are surely  damaging the  perception  of Airtel as a brand  and my overall customer experience.  The good thing is that this damage  can be easy managed and repaired and it will do not cost Airtel a fortune. All you have to do is to manage your IT service provider well and ask them to design your site for laziest and dumbest of the users.

I am just wondering if you can look into these trivial issues and see if something can be done.

Expecting better customer experience in future.

Satpal Parmar                                                                                           An otherwise happy customer


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  1. Asho said

    that redirect is the biggest heck… if i have knife then i will kill those idiots…

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