Aircel’s Marketeers are A**holes.

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Poor aircel marketing

I am a Aircel customer. I am using Aircel prepaid services from past 6 months. Everyday, on an average I receive 20+ unsolicited mass targeted messages  for almost same recharge  plans and offers. 90 % of these offers have no clear value preposition. Moreover I deal with least 3-4  automated tele-marketing calls everyday,  all in Kannada language.

This marketing bazooka of AIRCEL make me want to scream WTF!

Did they threw my application form in dustbin after my connection?

What about DO NOT DISTURB option I opted while applying for connection?

Can’t they figure that I am Hindi/English  speaking guy from north India?

I am tried to come up the reasons behind this mindless marketing  and I realize there could be only two possibilities:

a) Aircel marketeers are overpaid A**holes who do not know how to use their marketing budgets. They are mindlessly selling fluff  and do not respect customer’s time . They are so damn stupid that they do not even  realize how much shit 20-24 daily interrupt are adding in our already over stressed life.

b) Aircel is  technologically handicap and they do not want to invest in customer facing technology. That means leadership is greedy and is engage in profiteering . Management consider  customer delight  as a  liability. They have decided to save money and not to invest in right infrastructure to mine my data and do permission based well  targeted marketing.

Technically I have given them enough information in my application form.  If they want they can collect implicit data from my recharging and usage patterns. Even if this is not enough they can  ask me directly about  kind of offer information I would prefer to receive and  frequency and preferred time and mode. But why indulge in themselves with these details if you are already busy adding new customer to your network. Customer delight can wait.

I know reality lies somewhere between above two plausibilities. As a customer this careless attitude of Aircel marketing and managment  leaves me only  few options.  I can switch to some other service provider but then I am not sure how other operators  are treating their customer. What if this is the modus operandi of all telecom marketeers? In that case  I will left with only one option : knocking  the door of telecom regulatory. I find this option little too harsh . Moreover I am not sure they can come up with right mis of solutions. Regulators  generally think in black and whites. I think solution to my problem lies inside the boardroom of Aircel. Leadership have to  realize the severity of the problem. I am sure there is enough technology  in market to  handle this all this gracefully. What is required is understanding and desire to invest in customer delight. As a customer I do not want to search/switch  for new service provider everyday. Nor I am agnostic to marketing. All I request is some care and thoughtfulness in marketing. I want marketeers to  respect      customer’s time.

Am I asking for too much? Is is that hard to show care for customer?

Hoping for a positive response from Aircel marketing.


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