Interesting thought on technology adoption

Cutting edge technology interests me only so-so when it’s in high-end military tech. And then a little bit more when it shows up in games and toys (games and toys are automatically incentivised to pursue new shit, so they’re good signals). But it gets super interesting when it’s used for trivial things, but it means that it has become a commodity that large numbers of people can deploy, and that everyday platforms are powerful enough to run it.

Suduko Solver

This very well differentiate a technologist, a hobbyists and an end user. While a hobbyist or innovator may like to toy with high technology end user is not interested in it until its  fun and social. Moore explained this chasm very well in his much acclaimed book Crossing the chasm. Startups are all about building product that  transfer technology  from hobbyist to mass market. Bill gates started Microsoft when computer were  expensive toys and had little memory for ‘software’ and no one had any idea about bloated OS. The key challenge is selection of technology ready  for transition and building a compelling  product around it. Playing with new tech as hobbyist or hacker might help you to pick the winners.


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