Future of learning

We know that degrees don’t signal competence and thus they have less and less true human capital value. However, learning, as a way of life, without beginnings and ends, is becoming more and more valuable.

Leading institutions like Stanford University and MIT are giving lectures on the Internet. Apple iTunes is aggregating those and hundreds more like them into playlists, which may be the new way to see course architectures. The way peer learners have experienced their unique combination of these learning playlists may be the most valuable starting point for any individual learning path. Is the Amazon recommendation system then the way classes should be filled? Is iTunes the Google challenge for universities?

People will argue that the best university courses are superior to any online offering, and they are often right. There is no substitute for a live meeting of minds. But that’s far from the experience of the student sitting in the back row of a lecture hall.  All she’s getting is a live version of what iTunes offers, without the ability to participate, to rate, discuss with peers, rewind, bookmark, return to later and forward to others.

Source :Newspaper, Universities and the Internet.


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