Best of year 2009 : Movies

What I  lost this year in reading , I make up by watching  movies.  This year I decided to watch movies  for alternative  education and  watched  more then 100 movies  with at least one film from every  genre. I don’t think I  had ever watch so many before. Not even in my college days.  Selecting best from so many good movies is rather difficult preposition. Let me give a try.

Bollywood: From last couple of years I have become very selective about Bollywood movies. This is partly becoz of lack of originality in scripts  and partly due to lack of integrity among Indian directors. This year only Dev D and Firaaq made lasting  impression. Gullal and Luck by chance had very interesting scripts . Love Aaj Kal was an entertainer but again director disappointed me with a happy-ever-after ending . Fashion, Jail,  Kaminey were disappointing in many ways from superficial and shallow scripts to poor screenplay. Life partner was surprising funny. I was too skeptical about seen New York , Wake up Sid and Kurbaan and gave them a miss. Kachada movies include all the best and APGK (Ranbir kappor).

Autobiographical : I liked all biographical movies I  watched but Kinsley was best of the lot. Coal miner’s daughter  and Walk the line was also good.

Romantic : Aah!!! this one is  tough. Although  all romantic e  movies  look  same and temporal from distance, deep inside each one is unique and  tell a lasting story.  Love story was  tragically beautiful.  Before sunset and B efore sunrise was a big surprise as it tell a story I had  dreamed for myself  😉

Woody Allen: He never failed to entertain  me. Able to watch 70% of his works.  I will rank Annie Hall , Manhattan, and Whatever works to be his finest.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Motivation, Heroism : Tucker: the man and the dream was hell of a startup movie. This one was one of those few movies which command all my attention ( I often digress from movies if I find plot  little predictable or lacking  depth & surprise ). Would  highly to all entrepreneur there.  Erin  brockovich  was stunner.  Elizabeth was good  but had very thin script. Devils advocate  was a surprising good.

Sci-fi: All votes goes to District 9. Amazing stuff, fresh and original  story, flawless  direction, awesome cinematography. Was not able to finish blade runner and Brazil. Star trek was not exactly my kind of sci-fi movie. Transformers was a good time pass.

Big surprises: Painted veil was a gem of a good movie. I hit on this one while hunting for movies on ‘infidelity’. Dangerous beauty was another unique  movie experience  which I liked very much . Cape fear was chilling  psychological thriller.


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