Best n Worst of year 2009 : TV Shows

I do not watch TV. Somehow I  find it least innovative  way of  time killing . Yes, more boring then updating  Facebook status 10 times a day. This year I finished  is my 8th consecutive years of no  TV.  I do got a chance to see what I am missing  when I was in company guest house where I had luxury of cable TV connection.  After few days of constant channel flipping I realized I feel more happy without a TV.  But entertainment is a human need and sometimes I do feel  missing some good comedy shows and discovery series. Thats where YouTube and bit torrent come to my rescue. This year I finished watching some of them like:

  • Heroes ( season one )
  • FRIENDS (all season)
  • Laughter challenge ( in parts)
  • Criminal Minds ( season one )
  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai ( season one).

I did wasted few mins on watching Rakhi ka sayamvarr & Splitvilla . Yack !!!

My favorite of  this year is SB Vs SB. This is kind of stuff that  command all love and respect ( Ekta plzzzzzzz learns something).  Awesome work by who team. My previous stress buster was Friends but this year  I manage  a very thansu replacement: SB vs Vs SB


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