Don’t rely on Meru cabs

Yesterday I planned to visit Belur.  Since I was going alone I decided to use public transport for my visit. I checked with KSRTC bus and decided to board on either 5 am bus or 6 am bus. Its a 4 hour journey from Bangalore to Belur and anything after 6 am will wont give me enough time to visit all the places around and come back  same day. I booked Meru cab to drop me to inter-state bus stand. I received a  message from Meeru with my reference number and message that cab guy will contact me 30 min before journey i.e 3.30 am. I was so sure of cab that I don’t event set alarm in my mobile. When I wake up i realised it already 5.30 and there is no cab !!!

I immediately called Meeru customer services and to get yet another surprise of the day. 30 min hold time on IVRS !!!.  So they didn’t sent a cab for me and ensured that I cannot contact them if anything went wrong during the whole process.  I am sure terms and conditions for whole trans cation will be such that I cannot make them pay for such  pathetic experience and lost opportunity cost. Only thing I can do is not to rely on Meru cab ( ‘Reply on us’ is there tag line ) .


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