OMG TV is so boring !!!



I am enjoying two week stay in company guest house at District center. One of the service included in offer is a 21″  100 channel Sansui TV. Since its honeymoon period with  new company I usually came early from office and watch TV. I am watching TV after years and believe me it sucks. I spent more time on flipping channels then actully watching  televison. It is really surprising to see how a handful of events hijack all news airtime. Its IPL and election over all news channels. Same boring pseudo-intellectual exit polls and analysis to be proved wrong everytime. IPL  is interesting  but 2 hour of commitment is still high . MTV never entertained me and Splits villa is  disappoint ment and insult to human relationships. Music channels lack imagination and keep playing same top 20-25 song for months. I watch movies only from my collection. Consequently I end up watching discovery unless AXN is showing something  new. TV is not for me.

Update: UTV’s world movie channel is showing some really good french and korean movies. I like it.


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