My Kingfisher experience.


Hype and expectations can kill any experience. And this is what happen when  I took Kingfisher Red light to Bangalore  early this month. Actully in past three month I got opportunity to fly with three different flier. As Kingfisher enjoy highest brand equity among indian flier I wanted to experience the difference. So I choose to fly with Kingfisher though it cost me Rs 1500 extra . It was a mixed experience.

Check-in Counter

Beginning was not very auspicous. Kingfisher’s counter at Delhi airport’s new terminal was total mess. Unequipped ground staff  took 20 min to issue single  boarding pass while passenger moved  from one line to other.

In-flight service:

Seating space is no different from other flier though seats cover were much neater.In-flight entertainment was a huge disppointment. Same flimsy headphone and nothing much  to watch and listen. To kill time I asked for something to read and attendent offered me a year old flight magazine. Aah!  those flight attendent. Young , bright, slim and beautiful. Lazy too. Personally I feel they got a very hard and boring job to do and it damn hard to impress to all people all the time. I do not  know how they feel about that make-up and forced smile but I kind a hate  that.

gpmcpvxx03207jpgam1 If I compare this with other two  flier I think  Indian Airlines  had best in-flight services with well trained and courteous staff but it  interiors was shabby. In fact at one time I thought if  I am traveling in some third class taxi. I had better overall experience with Jet airways.


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