Put the blame on me


I moved to bangalore last Monday. My company made arragment for my stay in Diamond district. I was expected to take to cab from airport and reach there by evening. Simple right?  Well, no. I have this inate ability to mess up the simplest thing expected from me. I messed -up time too.

What happened?  I let myself tricked by travle agent. 

After collecting my luggage I came to lobby looking for pre-paid taxi counter. One gentleman approched me for assistance. I mistook him as airport authority guy and asked him for  pre-paid taxi counter. He escorted me to Akbar Travels counter. Counter guy booked be Trivera in blink of a eye leaving me no option to negotiate or check with other cab  service providers charging me Rs 1100. Later in cab I realsedIhave been tricked. I paid half of that amount when I took taxi from my company to airport  in my last visit. While chatting driver my cab confessed that this is how system works at airport and there is nothing new. He even suggested me to be ‘smart’ at airports. Nice suggestion indeed.

My question: Is it that hard to do a fair business?  I blacklisted Akbar travels and will never hire them again. Will my decision affect there business?


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