Quarterly Report 2009 : Movies

Thanks to recession and my resignation I had all the time in this  world to watch movies. And I did took this opportunity watching some good cinema. I really liked watching work of Guru dutt.  Bonus point of watching Gurudatt’s work is  that you get see Vahida Rahman , the most elegant actress bollywod ever produced ,a lot. Apart from that I watch some good hollywood movies released last year. I specially liked Changeling and Revolutionary Roads

Recent works  like Dev-D, Sorry bhai and Dil kabadi reflect tremendous change in relationships and there intrepetation in  indian  society. Although these movies were for metro audience there was much noise from moral police then expected. An indicator of social change?

1. Dil kabadi (***1/2)

I started this year with watching to movies back to back.  First I watched Gajani  that left me feeling cheated ad abused. Then I watched Dil kabadi. I liked it. Its a experimental comedy movies based on relationships, infidelity and middle life crisis of almost perfect marriages. Seems that  they copied ideas from Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives. I could not expect a better cast and their performance. No dull momet in whole movies. Moreover director stay way from being preachy or judgemental. This is not  a mass market movies  and  even urban class will  find hard to digest some of aspects of storyline. If you like Pyaar ke side effect and prefer aunbaised take on life and relationships you should  watch this movie.

2. Gajani (**)


3. Guru Dutt’s  Pyaasa, Saahab biwi aur gulam, Chodhvi ka chand. (****)

I believe Guru dutt is most handsome actor and most talented director bollywood ever produced.  These three movies are considered to be his finest work. I liked payaasa most. It got everything  you need to make this a timeless movie. I cannot  not remember any other movie that had touch upon social issues emphatically. 

Chodvi ka chand was a little  disappointment  becoz of the change of  values in our society. Life and society depicted in movies is totally different from our world. We are zillion times more selfish and self absorbed then their times.

Sahab biwi aur gulaam was again complicated cinema. Very narrow and penetrative storyline. But again this is a old ties movie.You can watch it to appreciate work  of direction and many reasons but will not able to relate with story.

One thing that is common in all movies is directors focus on human life and imperfections  in  society. It is expected. At that time direcetor do not  compromise with their work  withs stars or item numbers. Moreover while watching them you hardly feel entertained. None of these movies tell you perfect story with a happy ending. No these are not formula movies. They present the foundation of bollywod when cinema had much larger goal them fame and fortune.

4. Lucky by chance (***1/2)

Good movie. A  fresh , practical and unpredictable  story, above average performance by cast and imperfect ending . I like it.

5. Raaz 2 (**/12)

Disappointing.  Kangna  now is very predictable and hence pakaooo. Very week story. Songs are good. Story is good  before first half but second half is total let down and make you feel ‘mere paise waapis karoo”.

6.Sorry bhai (***)

Not a bad movie as such but very unsocial story. Even if you are highly educated, ulta modern, filthy rich indian you will find hard to digest this story. again a very experimental and urban world cinema. Nice casting and good performance by all specially Sabaana Azami. I dont know how avg cinema goer will preceive this movie who is feed with “bhabhi ma ke samaan hoti hai” ideas.

7. Accidental Husband (**)

Timepass. Boring and impractical love story. Run-of th- mill hollywood cinema. Nothing new or exciting.

8.Taken (**)

Fast paced ordinary story. One-man-army father trying to save his daughter from kidnappers. Predictable and unconvincing.

9. Happening (*)

OMG so boring. PLzzzzzzzzzz avoid.

10. Gran Torino (****)

Awesome movie and surprising  climax. Very fresh and inspiring story.Great direction and acting by Clintwood. Must watch.

11. No country for old men (*)

Soooooooo boring. Very old, slow and dull story. I am not able to understand  motivation behind this movie.

12. Revolutionary road (***1/2)

Must watch. Fresh, distrubing and convincing story. Great perfomance by Kate and Lennardo de caprrio.

13. Vicky Crristina Barcelona (**1/2)

Very complicated relationship story. I really dont understand why Woody Allen selected this story. Watch it and let me know what is that I missed .I respect Woody Allen but  I find this movie very disappointing.

14.7 pound (**)

Depressing and damn slow. Unable to finish,

15.Changeling (****)

Awesome movie . Based on real and inpiration story. Good perfomance by Angelina Jolie. Must watch.

16. Bank Job (**)

Ordinary hollywood pulp fiction. Timespass.

17. Never back down (**1/2)

Time pass. Central idea is good and even story is not that bad. Buts its kid’s cinema.

18. Bankok Dangerous (**)

Good timepass.

19.He is not that into you(**)

Very disappointing. I had much higer expectations with the cast. Very boring parallel runing love  stories. Remember salaam-e-ishq minus the fun part. 

20. Rachel Getting Married (**1/2)

Timepass. Creepy story around confused relationships, defunct family and a drug addicted gal who killed his bro accidently and is in rehab. We will similar stories in India  if capitalism  followed same path as did in western world. Such movies are here to remind us that not everything about west is cool or great.

21. The Reader (***)

Old and complicated story. Good performance by Kate. Again a story that I  find hard  to relate wit. But still watchable.


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