Quarterly Report 2009 : Books

As I  mention on my opening post for this year  I have observed a significant shift in my reading preference since  late last year. I am no longer intersted in success stories, incorrect or influenced biograprahies and managment formule books. I am also convinced that most of the author lack ability to present both side of the argument and are more intersted to profess ‘the truth’ then working hard on ‘a truth’  convincingly and comprehensivly. Moreover I realised that rationality, logic, and knowledge alone cannot solve all problems and I must also learn and understand emotional, social side view of problems and individuals.

Consequently I am trying to be even more selective and balanced in my reading. I wil be reading few classics in coming months although Iam finding hard to comprehend authors understanding of matter. I started reading Iliad in the begining of this year but was not able to finish this epicof Greeks.Although laguage is simple I am not able to gain the underline merit of epic.  Similarly I find hard to read novel based on historic context. I started reading Daughetr of Fortune but was not able to finish it too. Same way I started reading Possesion by A.S.Byatt but was very slow in reading through it. Reading good fiction is hard. Dificulty comes in two folds. First they strech your imagination too far and second its very hard to relate with the context and times. Inablity to appreciate good litery work is another issue. Good literature is creative work and I have to develop really good ight-brain skills to make myself absorb finer works of great writers.

By end of this month I will have read :


Very beautiful small book based on thoughts of Krishnamurti , one of the most extraordinary Eastern thought leader. I am able to relate with many of his views specially  on education.  I would like to add this in my under gradute must reading list.


One of those books who can chnage a man . Requires many reading to grasp the essence. Will be reading it again soon. Must read for any undergraduate.

3. Sushi for Beginners: A Novel by Marian Keyes

Its a novel  revolving arund three gals. Not the best of novel I read but not boring also. 

4.Iliad Homer tarnslation by Taylor

Iliad is Mahabarat of Greeks. This war-epic envolves god,heros, and mens. Although laguage is beautiful and it could be one of the greatest  stories  ever told I  find very hard to appreciate the work. Somewhere in the middle  of story lord of immoratls disclosed how the whole war will end and Torjan will lose toDannans and I  lost my patience. Amzing stuf but i need help to absorb it. Do we have lectures on classics in Delhi in any collgee?

4. Crack in forever (recemmended)

Its a painful  love story. I have not read many love stories  so I don’t  have any reference to compare this work.  If you like  ‘Notebook’ ( my fav romantic movie)  then novel  is for you.

5. The Confession of  Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

Awesome.  Most of us think that our lifes and world around us world is runing  on some strong, pure, and rational  principals which are  guided & guarded by well-intended peoples. Moreover many of us hate politics and politicians considering them as reason for al chos we see in our public life. But as current economic criss have proved , reality is quite comples and unclear ven to the msartest of peoples. Politics is one of the most strongest force of our times and many a times its the only force that decide who will enjoy limited resources on planet earth. As long as I remember everyone around me awe and respect USA . For many , the  definition of world power is USA. But I doubt they have ever given thought to the politices and strategies used by USA to become world power.

This book give one explanation for USA’s ability to attact world’s  wealth. Its very disturbing and equally convincing. Even if I consider this as work of fiction  this is the most powerful political novel I have read. Its very well written and shocking. You will never find  history, economics, geography and politics effortlessly mixed in single book.

After reading this you will realise why left is so skeptical about our relationship with USA and may able to apprecaite our politicians  ability to keep right distance from USApolicies. Last but not least it remind us that with so many nation fighting hard to again access to world resources, path to world power is ruthless and full of compromises.

6. The great Gatsby by F.Scoot Fitzgerald

Just like most Indian love stories ( heer-raanjah, Soni-mahiwaal, rishi-farhaad etc etc ) this american love story had tragic ending. Something that never expected when I started reading this. Its a beautiful  story with all the drama, passion, love,  emotional aatyachaar you find in typical KJ movies. But its an american love story so instead of  involve fight with society and family, here its about individual needs, passions and love.I  was able to connect with Gatby and his love for his sweetheart and felt sorry for him in the end.It was reallly tragic to see painful end of hislife and love. I realised why bollywood make happy ending cinema.


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