Mr. Advani did’t get ‘the change’ thing right.

Its a well known fact that  social web and web marketing and played significant role in promoting  Obama as a change leader. Taking hint from his campaign success our politician  are gearing up to use social media to woo voters and to reach masses with  major political parties all set to spending good amount  of public money on web.

But was it just new media that helped  Obama be a winner ?  Will change in  media will help if the message itself is stale and unconvincing?

In case of Obama I think is that its was much more then the new media. It was about of telling a very convincing story. It was  about  selling  a convincing vision of a strong and constructive America. It was about hope to bring positive change in american politics.  Internet was just another media  to reach people and was  not the message itself.


Coming back to our politicians I  have few quetion to ask to  Mr. L.K Advani :

a) Whats  your message and how is it different from from what you told last time?

b)Why I trust you?

 If its is same boring raath yatra brandished  hindutava based politices  I doubt social media will help you win my vote.  

Meaasge must be tailored  as per audience expecations. Citizen of net in india are young, educated and informed  people.They will never buy bullshit you soled to naive indian villagers.

So Mr. Advani if you really want  my vote tell me something new and different.Tell me something bold, original, positive and progressive.  Tell me that you will have 30 % more younger politian in cabinet then opposition had. Tell me that your party  will not give tickets to any one with criminal background. Tell me that even if you dont win you behave like a mature opposition party. Tell me that its not about hindu or muslims but about India. Tell me that you will  not talk about 19th century crap to 21st century Indian and help us to lok forward. Please tell me that you will give real competition in  political ideas and innovation to Congress. Just tell me something convincing.


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