Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!


Wishlist for year 2009

Solar power mobile phone.

I am not much of a mobile phone user.For me mobile is no longer a luxury but distraction.My first mobile experied two month back.I am not using mobile phone any more.I tried to get new one but I got totally confused in price/feature/use matrix.I see only one use of phone i.e making calls.The last one I had was Monocrome CDMA LG mobile with no Camera/FM/multimedia.That one served me very well.I wish for light,cheap no-frill no-feature solar powered mobile.

Broadband = 512kbps.

I am using MTNL braodband’s 599 unlimited download plan.It sucks.
They promise me 256kbps speed  but what I get is around 128 kbps (plus-minus some delta).I wish this year Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will raise the minimum prescribed speeds for broadband connections from its present level of 256 Kbps to 512Kbps. Atleast in metros.

3 BHK in NCR under 20 lakh.

Till mid of 2008 owning a house in metro look like a distant dream.
Thanks to anti-regulation by Government,arbit pricing by builders
and grand-mad rush to own a house in indian middle claas, house prices touched all time high last year.For a IT engineer buying a house in metro is not a dream but a necessity.I expect some progress in land reforms and   fair pricing by developers.I wish for affordable housing this year.

Good health.

Last year, for the first time in my life I was able to join and continue GYM for extended period of time ( 3 months plus).Results were positive and visible.It helped me to destress myself and think fresh.I would like to add running in my regime and would like run a full marathon in coming years.I wish for mind-body-soul harmony this year.

9-5  Office

Officaly I have a 9-5 job.But in reality it is 7-9 including 2.5 hours I spend in commute. 10-12 hours in office/cab means no social/personal life.I would like to improve my productivity and try to get more focus at my work. Managing boss’s expectations is also one area would like to work upon this year.

Better relationships

Life is all about managing relationships. Family,friends,boss,
teammates ,customers,they all make our world.Managing relationships envolve emotional intelligence.I am suffering from serious emotional handicap.My idealistic/perfectionist/rational/puritan self make extremely hard for me to exercise pure expectance.I wish to develop/discover my emotional self thisyear.

No more cost cutting. Please dont fire me.

World economies are in deep crisis.Semiconductor industry even deeper.My company is about to hit rock bottom.Since mid of 2007 we have closed/shifted offices,sold divisions,trimmed staff,fired CEOs and rehearshed every tip/trick in book for survival.I expect lot more downsizing this year.I wish to continue my good work in same or other company.


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