Worth reading :Sri Krishna to Uddhava on Lust vs. Love

Today, while hopping on blogs I stumble upon this. This  is english translation of conversation between  Krishna and Uddhava on sublime topic of true loveand lust. Some great insight in these passages:

‘A passing fancy for a wayside fire will only singe (i.e., burn superficially or lightly, scorch); lifelong worship at the altar will give warmth – always.’ Krishna placed his hands on Uddhava’s shoulders and his voice, as on all such occasions, had the ring of certitude, of authority.

‘Answer my question,’ said Krishna. ‘Would you like her to be the mother of your children, the kula stree, the presiding goddess of your family, who would surround you and your children with love and transmit your family traditions to you children?’  

‘I don’t know,’ Uddhava confessed. ‘I have never thought of those things,’

‘Then you are selfish; you have no devotion to offer her, you only want her as a passing glow,’ said Krishna.

‘Remember what the Gods did in the days of old,’ continued Krishna. ‘They had to offer sacred Purusha to make creating possible. Without a sacrificial offering, you cannot create anything,’ said Krishna as if speaking to himself. ‘If you want a woman, you have to offer something: a present, a house to live in, lifelong protection. But in that way you will only get a woman, her body, her services. The offering however is like sacrificing ghee or barley or a lamb to obtain a place in heaven. If you want a divinity to inspire you to Dharma and multiply your strength a hundredfold, you must offer something vastly greater. Have not the Gods said: ‘By the spirit of sacrifice alone shall sacrifice prosper?’


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