Volunteer at Delhi BarCamp 5

Delhi BarCamp 5  is exactly one month away, and we’re looking for spirited volunteers to make sure the event runs smoothly. We am looking for bloggers who can help in creating positive buzz through their  blogs and word of mouth, techies who would like to take this barcamp as platform to showcase  the next big technology they are using/working on , Sponsers willing to share expenses for running this show, Artist looking for suitable audience ( common on  techies love music and art  😉 ) and last but not the least foot-soldiers to ensure everyone have a good time on D-day. There are many volunteers teams that you can join and contribute and you can find details in barcampdelhi mailing list.Take a look at the information and then send me an email (satpalparmar(@)gmail dot com) with your name, team preference, and mobile phone number if you’re interested in joining a volunteer team.

One important thing to mention for volunteers- we really need volunteers to who can take resposibities. We’d rather not have to manage a little bit of this and a little bit of that with individual volunteers, this makes for a lot of complexity with 12-20 volunteers over the course of the weekend. We really hope you’ll have the availability to serve the full team schedule (which will be envoling (2-3 hours on weekends.


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