First Delhi OCC Meet

Delhi OCC gang

Delhi OCC gang

Last evening I attended the first meeting of Delhi open coffee club which took place in CCD ( near brista) at Connaught place.I reached there by 6 PM but it took me a while to locate the right CCD as there were around three – four CCDs and two Bristas.

The ambience was good but little noisy.We have to ask CCD guys to lower the speaker volume twice.
We were around 9 -10 peoples.When I reach CCD Rajat had all ready finished his introduction.We were a mix of startup guys ( employees),students, wannabes ( myself, Ramsagar Ravisagar ) and a hardcore entreprenuer (Rajat).

Rajat Nagpal an  ISB gradute, after working with is
looking forward to start his venture travelgayan   TravelVidya which is into training
people  in ticket booking.

Shivaas is a student who self-confessed to have  burned his fingers with his venture
shoppingtadaka.But he is determined to be a entpreneur and looking forward to
keep his venture up.He venture is into retail and ecommerce  and he is looking
for experience people in retail domain.
Ramsagar is a linux expert.He is interested in Open source trainig and is developing
some modules for training in linux administration.

Ashok is with Unicef and shared his confusions with us.He is making up his mind
how to use his experience in charity work and fundraising for Unicef to make a more satisfying career move.
During intrduction round we had discussions on wide range of topics.First one was regarding
working from home vs taking some office space.Rajat was in favour of taking office space. His point was valid in case you dont have space at home oryou have family to manage. Personaly I beleive that weather  you should take office space or not depend  on both personal and professional needs.Personal in the sense you need some self discipline when you wok from home .If you have to show your office to client
or client make frequent visits to your office in that case one or two seater office wil make  good impression.What is biggest problem in having a office space is to find one withright size and price.When you are bootstraping you want to save every penny.In case you are in software development or internet bussines we can easily use our home as office.

We talked about different schemes to use SMS for marketing.I learned about GSM modem which was something new to me.

Shivaas got interesting and useful feedback from Rajat on his venture.

There was another interesting discussion on hiring people.Rajat made some pratical points regarding hiring. I really liked his idea of hriring   housewifes and retired people in same domains.
Here we had clash of opinion on HR managment issues like temp. staff and training costs.

To sum up it was great experience . If you are a freelancer,student looking for startup experience,angel investor, or a wannabee  entreprenuer I expect you tobe there next time.


Delhi OCC gang

Delhi OCC gang



  1. shivaas said

    great summary of the meetup satpal !! Glad you enjoyed it. !

  2. Ravi Sagar said


    My correct name is Ravi Sagar not RamSagar 🙂

    Anyways. Nice post.

  3. Rajat said

    Name of my company/venture is TravelVidya, please correct the same and thanks for writing so much about me.

    I got good coverage 🙂 but glad to know that you all liked my ideas. Let me know if I can be of any help to any start-up.

    I’ll be glad to share my experience with all and help them grow!


  4. Aditya said


    WHen is the next OCC. I would like to be a part of it.


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