New Synovate AsiaBUS study on Asia Pacific Web 2.0 markets

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions commissioned Synovate to conduct a survey via its AsiaBUS Service. It aimed to gauge the size of the blogging/social networking market as well as to examine usage habits in Asia Pacific.

The study covered the following 10 markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand*. A total of 11,306 people aged 15-64 were interviewed during December 2006, projected to a universe of 187 million.

Results are not very surprising. Korea with his world best broadband network , China & Taiwan with their   highet PC penetration (due to low hardware cost) are leading web 2.0 markets.One area where they are legging behind  is blogging.This can be explained in term of language barrier.I doubt if totalitarian government and lack of freedom of expression in China have any  discouraging effect on bloggers from China.

India is far behind in social networking and IM services but did surprisingly well in bloging front.  Low pc penetration coupled with poor broadband infrastructure make India a comparatively smaller  web 2.0 market.

 Can we say democracy rocks 🙂 

Happy Independence day India !!!!!!!!




  1. thelmee said

    nice info again…will come back

  2. SdeK said

    I love having a great read in the morning. Another great article. thanks !, i’ll link it on my blog :

  3. Tamal said

    Great blog. Its really nice to know that we are the biggest bloggers. Thanks a lot.

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