Tandem Entrepreneurs: the Indian Y-combinator?

Y Combinator’s funding methodology of investing a small amount of money across a wide array of young entrepreneurs has inspired Sunil Bhargava to start tandementrepreneurs.

Fantastic Idea.There philosophy is very simple which goes like this:

“We invest our sweat and usually less than $1MM in a startup over a period of 2 years working in tandem with the founders. We are much more like Y-combinator than Sequoia. We don’t consider ourselves a VC like Sequoia because we work so closely with founders and view more modest exits as a success. We love Y-Combinator’s approach, but they just help a company get out of the gates. We engage for a much longer period and happen to invest more time and money in each business.”

Low investment,low exits model very well suits present day business model of internet start-ups.Incubation Team is small but is with good credentials.I like there site (epecially the drwaings). It is very cool,original and express the idea very well.

But either intentionally or un-intentionlly they forget to mention market they are trying to address.Right now they are california based incubators so obvious markets seems to be US’s bay area.Its not clear weather they would be interested to be “INDIAN YCOMBINATOR” or not.

To me there is desperate need for such program for Indian market.Lot many indian entreprenuer seek capital,advice and connection that such program can provide.


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