High-Performance Entrepreneurship

One person in IT industry I admire and respect vey much is Subroto Bagchi. He is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting which he stared with his 10 colleagues in 1999. I was avid reader of his essays in Times of India.

In following interview he shared his views on various topics he covered in his book The High-Performance Entrepreneur: Golden Rules for Success in Today’s World.

What I like most is how succantly he defined “High-Performance Entrepreneur”.

“Anybody can set up a “mom and pop shop” and become an entrepreneur. You have the multitude of small- and medium-sized organizations which come and go. High-performance entrepreneurship, on the other hand, sets itself apart by a multiple of things. One is the size of the ambition. The second is the sustainability. So, high-performance companies, high-performance entrepreneurships, are ones that will build unusual value for a long time, for a large number of stakeholders. And fundamentally, they differ from any other entrepreneurship in terms of size of the ambition and how much of a long view of time they are taking.”

For any aspiring indian entrepreneur interveiw is good read.


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