Right location for start-up

My MNC company is located in Noida and I am staying at North campus ,23 km from Noida.Yesterday I left my office at 10.00 pm and reached home at 11.15 pm. Everyday I spend 2 hour or so in commutation. Time used in travelling is not only unproductive but also make me unproductive for extended period of time.Luckily my company have Flexi-time policy and provide as prompt transport facility.

I could stay in Noida but cost of living is too high for the quality fo life it offers me.Frequent and long power cuts,unreliable and unadequate public transport ,and constant sense of insecurity make Noida a undesirable place for me.In summers weather in this part of India is unbearbly cruel.Life becomes really difficult if you have to live without power and water.

All major cities in India face similar problem of traffice jams,long hour power-cuts and poor public transport system.These problem coupled with high rate of real state makes metros not the best locations for a start-up venture.

So question is does delhi in particular and Metros are right places to jum start a venture? Do they have right support system for start-ups?

A start-up want lots of local talent,good living standard, low cost of living,working public transport system, continues and reliable power supply,and comfortable weather.Not many cities in india provide all but definetly they can and will be developed in coming years to give most of these facilities.With rise of tier 1 cities I think this is time to move from metros.

So which city in next bangalore in India?


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  1. Nandini said

    Be it start-up or well established firms intending to go for an inter-coountry expansion, facilities would be set up in a place that provides basic infrastructure. Within metros too, the traditional choice has been changing. In Mumbai, offices were supposed to be offices if there are in Nariman Point. But now BKC is the place to be..here im not talking of the IT companies, whose requirement is a complete campus to themselves.

    Good connectivity, lesser transportation time, proximity to Business Districts, good localities, hotels etc are the prime reasons.
    And this is the reason why Tier II and Tier III cities are emerging like anything. I dont think that there would be just one more bangalore coming up after hyd. There would be a couple of Bangalores emerging, the density there depending on what they have got to offered.


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