Location location location :Part 2

On of the decision all entreprenuers have to take is find right location for start-up their venture.In USA most of the technology start-ups are clustered in California or Silicon Valley.In India we have most start-ups coming from Delhi or Banglore.

I just wondering what effect does location have on success or failure of start-ups?

In following essay by Paul Graham , he opinioned that one of the start-up mistake is bad location. He elborate why some location have more start-ups then other as

“that’s where the experts are. Standards are higher; people are more sympathetic to what you’re doing; the kind of people you want to hire want to live there; supporting industries are there; the people you run into in chance meetings are in the same business”

But I don’t think any entreprenuer took all this into account while selecting location for his start-up.In most case choosing right location may not be high priority decision.

Most ventures from are located where their founders resides.What possibility we have that a guy eager to start software company will relocate to Bangalore just to start a bussiness.

At best what a entrepreneur tend do is to get started from a location enough for his or her venture.


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  1. Jake said

    mentes curiosas?
    Curious Mind ?

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