The World’s Top Web Markets

Comscore has a new ranking of countries by Internet usage. If I were the CEO of a Web company planning to expand worldwide, I’d hit these countries in this order:

Top Countries by Internet Penetration (Unique Visitors)

Jan-07 Percentage (000) Change
Worldwide 746,934 10%
United States 153,447 2%
China 86,757 20%
Japan 53,670 4%
Germany 32,192 3%
UK 30,072 1%
South Korea 26,350 8%
France 24,560 4%
India 21,107 33%
Canada 20,392 11%
Italy 18,106 13%

Figures for India looks quite interesting and encouraging for any aspiring internet entreprenuer. With present PC penetration and usage pattern these figure will improveamny a times as cost of PC has come to a all time low of 10k. With all indian telecome operator promising for a better broadband future we will witness a revolution in India cyberspace.

* Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes and access from mobile phones or PDAs
The next five countries catching up fast are, in order, Brazil, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands and Mexico, with the non-European countries growing the fastest.


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