Investing in India: conference

Venture Capital & Private Equity For One Of The Fastest Growing HighTech Hubs In The World
October 10, 2006 ● The Fairmont, San Francisco, CA
With India’s 15-year-old reforms process taking effect, India is one of the fastest growing economies and now the prime target for the VC & PE community. Aided by a growing domestic market and a projected 8-plus percent GDP growth rate, India’s stock markets are booming like never before making them one of the best performing in the world. The investment climate, business productivity and technology growth are substantial. This now offers VCs and private equity firms the best promises of returns. With a continued climb in venture capital & PE investments and with the rising number of US investments as a backdrop, IBF is proud to present its second annual Investing in India Conference.
Hear from top investors in India who will share strategies on:

The India Story: Is it Prime Time Yet for India and can the market handle a dramatic increase in PE fund inflows
Industry Assessment: Which industries are the most attractive in India from an investment perspective and why?
Risk Management: other than financial considerations, what are the key components of performing due diligence in the Indian markets
Evaluating Early Stage Investment Candidates In India
Private Equity Opportunities in India
Infrastructure and Real Estate Funds for India
Going Direct vs. Afíliate or Sponsored fund for VCs
India 2.0: The Innovation Source
Assessing Top Quality Management In India
LP Perspective on India
How To Exit: Understanding Liquidity And The M&A Landscape
Tales from the trenches from CEOs
Audience profile:
This conference will unite those involved and interested in investing in technologies and companies based in India. Attendees include: venture capitalists, private equity investors & firms, corporate investors, angel investors, and emerging growth companies in India, incubators, CEOs and CFOs of established companies, institutional investors and investment bankers, to provide an annual gathering to exchange ideas, facilitate information, and foster business contacts.


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