MBA mania!!!! NOt good for india. Best for me.

Soon after doing engineering almost all of my friends and classmate faced the delliema : what next? . Most of them found themslef unfit for industry by training and look for either an addon course or training or somthing more advance like

But first and formost thing that every engineering graduate think of is to join his peers .the “doing a M.B.A.” community. this phenomeneon is quit coomon among student from leser known private engieering collge in lesser developed cities .

I find some reasons for such heard mentality. To start with almost 70% have no idea what they want to be, or ther true petential . Atmoshere in college let them enjoy those youthfull days in their individual comfort zone . After degree real world help them to come out their comfort zone andforced them in fight for survival. They start looking for otions and they come to one coomon ground .MBA.

Conclusion :
1. MBA student in india are result of mismanagment on part of student, eduaction system, and collge administartion.

2.Technical education is private college fail to equip student with skills required by industry.

3. College admistration fail to guide and mentor student. Placement departments fail to intect with industry and commnucate with student regarding development in industry.

4.Top managment institute biggest assets are students and not therir training or MBA degree. Student comming to these institute give most toughest exam of the world.

5. Technology and sciences in India require special treament to maintain equlibrium. Thre should be bussiness for MBA graduate to run. these bussineses required skilled competent people who will be managed by MBAs. How can a MBA commensuate incompetence of peoples joining idustry .


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