Outsource Indian eduaction system

This is a well thoughout essay on indian education system by Pratap Bhanu. I am totally agree with Pratap that Indian education is one thing that require reforms and disinvestment.

Soon after cost advantage factor will loss its charm I find very few reasons why MNC will invest in India . More over we are loosing intellectual capital to MNC who will provide solution develped by our people in steep prices.

Moreover MNC will always be able to attract best minds from India. I left reasons to readers why an IITor IIM graduate like to join bluest of of the blue MNC then to try to make an Indian MNC.

And this is how our to top institutions fail to deliver. Engineers from lesser known colleges are joining BPOs as they are unfit by education to develop solutions.

Of many solution available one of them would be allowing private entities to paticipate in education . Education should to treated as free market where government will play the role of catylist and facilitator.

Education require funds and only market like treatment can bring money into the system for labs and facultys.We have to make education filed as attractive & lucrative as IT or MBA.then only we will be able to create mind wo will succeed as MBA or It engineers.

Outsourcing Indian Education

In addition to the state investing heavily in increasing access to higher education, globalization also requires the state to respect the autonomy of institutions so that institutions have the flexibility to do what it takes to retain talent in a globalized world and, above all, respond quickly to growing demand.



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