Lessons from Apprentice

Lessons from Apprentice

I haven’t missed an episode of Apprentice [1 & 2] so far. Appretice 1 was a great success. Apprentice 2 is currently underway and had created huge expectations in the beginning of the show. But lot of people are disappointed with final candidates, especially with Jennifer M, as evident from discussion forums, groups and blogs. I absolutely hate her. Just one final episode is remaining to discover the true Apprentice for Donald Trump . Kelly Vs Jennifer M. Who will win? I am hoping that Kelly wins. Only 3 more days to go…It’s a pity that European broadcasters don’t show the Apprentice season. So, I download it from web through bittorrent and watch it.
Each episode teaches a very valuable lesson. The following are the “lessons learned” this season.
How to Conduct a Successful Creative Brainstorming Session
How to Make Sound Business Decisions
How to Manage a Budget
How to Earn Respect as a Leader
How to Sell Persuasively
How to Develop a Winning Competitive Strategy
How to Build a Cohesive Team
How to Lead with Passion
How to Resolve Conflicts
How to be an Effective Project Manager
How to Delegate Successfully
How to Communicate with Your Boss
How to Market a New Product
How to Interview for the Job You Want


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