india vs china

India vs china
1. china India had same gdp (in ppp) 1990Öabout 1500$. In 2000 chinas gdp = 3600$, indias 2500$.
2. china mf power house..scores over us
3. fdiÖ350 bill$ b/w 1980-2000, india 18 billion..
4. china marketers dreamÖegÖone percent penetration of cellphone in IndiaÖ china..11 percent..,compÖ4.5 in thousand in IndiaÖchina 15/10005. china ..permanent mem of un sec council..
6. china investing heavily in infrastructure Ö.makes it a good investee
7. indias pop wil surpass chinas in a matter of 15 years,,Ö
8. India fights to walk alongside the US while China fights to become a rival of the US. India’s attitude has to change first, if all you want is to become like the west, 2nd place is the best you can expect. It’s the same aggresive attitude that puts the US where it is today.
9. china more open to tradeÖbought $413 billion of overseas-made goods last year, compared with India’s imports of less than $70 billion..above that it exports half the stuff backÖincreased sino us trade projectedÖin fig of 120 billÖin 200510. China once it becomes a full-fledged member of the World Trade Organization in 2005. As the producer of 50 percent of the world’s cameras, 30 percent of the air-conditioners and televisions, 25 percent of washing machines and 20 percent of refrigerators, the Chinese are expected to undercut their less efficient neighbors and beat them hollow in competing markets.
11. china expected to catch up indias it industryÖsoftware devpt..12. chinaÖ 250 million people now belong to what can be called a “middle class,” with family assets of between $18,000 and $36,000,Öcompared to Indias 50 mill
13. indias $547 billion economy grew 10.4 percent from a year earlier in three months to Dec. 31. Not only was it the fastest rate on record for India, it beat China’s growth in any quarter over the past eight years.
14. India has a huge English speking wrk forceÖ.(although china is catching everyone in Beijing to speak eng b4 olympcs.
15. The rupee has risen almost 9 percent in the past 12 monthsÖChinese currency not decided by market forces..
16. India has abetter structureÖ.its eco is risingÖchina has reached its peak… its time for recession
17. talk about $40b FDI in china & $3b in india.But the fact is that discouraged by dismal rate of interests hardly any americans or other foreigners are now investing in china.So where does the FDI in china come from ?50 % of the FDI in china is flight capital returning thru a process known as “round tripping”. chinese businessmen take capital out the country thru under invoicing exports & over invoicing exports & send it back as FDI to take the advantage of preferential tax treatment.

18. India is opening up.. Just last month, International Business Machines Corp. won a $750 million computer-services order from Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd., India’s No. 2 cellular services provider. In February, Hewlett-Packard Co. bagged a $150 million order to link the computers of Bank of India’s 750 branches. ABB Ltd., Europe’s largest electrical engineering company, won a $13 million order from Tata Steel Ltd., India’s No. 2 steelmaker. Boeing Co. and Airbus SAS are vying for a $2.1 billion 43-polane order from Indian Airlines Ltd., a state-owned domestic carrier.
19. India Ödemocracy, free press, two party sys, no room for cover ups20. wer does china hide popÖlike the occupancy rate in most high-rise buildings is less than 50 percent, the level of corruption in China is on par with the rest of the world, the Chinese now prefer to put out city rather than national GDPs, and only 1,000 Chinese towns are open to foreign tourists, of which only 359 are open to foreign investors – then some of the fears of the foreign investors gain substanceÖ..also 10 percent Chinese above 60 yrs o


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