Guts: Culture effect

Hi everybody;

Some time its very difficult to take decisions. What is even more difficlut is take resposibilty of your decision and their consequences. I call it ‘ guts’ for no reson of simplicity. This GUT factor vary from indiviual to indiviual.One thing that have a remarkable effect on your guts is your culture .
Typical indian childern are free from any decision maing responsibilty till they get married . For educated class people this comes after graduation.

For new indian graduate to understand , assimilate, exercise his guts this leave very steep learning curve.This curve is quit linear for a US born becoz there they start taking critical decision sooon after 14 th birth day.

In indian culture decision making is based on caution & risk avoidance. This reflect in concept of family where elder member is supposed to take all the major decisions. Experince play major role in how decision maker is selected in institutions & family.Whereas this is completely
reverse in US culture . US society is based on indiviuals & decision maker must demostrate risk taing ability to succeed.


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